Eclipse 125, eclipse-125

Eclipse 125

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up hinh anh


up to 33 gpm (125 lpm)

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up to 150 psi (10 bar)

up hinh anh


up to 200°F (93°C)with deration



          The Eclipse represents a dramatic advance in pump technology. Combining proven design principles with patented features, our pumps are safe, simple, and reliable. Structurally rugged with corrosion-resistant materials, Eclipse is an ideal fit for many corrosive liquids. From acids to bases, we cover the entire pH scale.

          The innovative technology behind Eclipse supports its ability to handle the most corrosive chemicals with a simple-to-service, front pull-out design. Eclipse is available with wetted components in completely non-metallic construction. This ensures corrosion resistance over a wide range of chemicals and process conditions. These pumps are magnetically driven to eliminate mechanical seal wear and leaks associated with rotating seals. The patented bearing design promotes constant lubrication.


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            KOVIS is the exclusive distributor of PULSAFEEDER  in Vietnam and EPC in Korea to offer all kinds of Pumps, Pumps Controllers  and Pumps Accessories for most of the projects in the oil and gas industry.

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