KOVIS Celebrated The 7th Anniversary Of Establishment

KOVIS Celebrated The 7th Anniversary Of Establishment 2009-2016

        On September 30th 2016, KOVIS celebrated the 7th anniversary of establishment (September 2009 – September 2016). It took place in the InterContinental Asiana Saigon, with the participation of Mr. Kim Young Sup (CEO) and all employees of company.


        KOVIS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd was established on September 21th 2009. KOVIS is known as the 11th global venture company of SK engineering & Construction (Korea).


        Now it is the time to review efforts and contributions of what the leader as well as all employees have done for 7 years. We are constantly looking for new opportunities, promoting innovation, providing safe and high - quality product. We have been constantly seeking new opportunities, accelerating innovation, bringing safe and high quality of products. KOVIS has gradually proven proficiency and positions itself through participating in large domestic and foreign project about Chemical Injection Package, Steel Structures, Platform & Ladder, Tank, Vessel and constructions works related to refineries, gas processing plants, petrochemical plants and power plants. Especially in 2015, KOVIS has completed the Chemical Injection Package (CIP) (16  & 8 packages), Platform & Ladder (1,300 tons) at NGHI SON Refinery Complex Project (Thanh Hoa – Vietnam), CIP (15 packages) for RPLC Deep Conversion Project (Venezuela). In addition, as an exclusive distributor for Pulsafeeder Pumps (USA) and OBL Pumps (Italy), representative of Hy-Lok (Korea), KOVIS offers all kinds of accessories instrumentation, valves, controls, and tube for most of the projects in the oil and gas industry.


        KOVIS proudly provides a fantastic and friendly working environment which is not only a place for work but also entertaining. Each member has chances to explore their ability, study more new things and work more professionally here. On the occasion of 7th anniversary (years of establishment), the leader celebrated an exciting two-day vacation for all employees at Ho Tram Strip (Vung Tau) in August 26th-27th 2016).


        With efforts and achievements during 7 years, KOVIS aims to continuously enhance its brand and reach the higher position in both Vietnamese and international market.


        KOVIS totally commit to increase the satisfaction of customer (customer satisfaction) with our mission “Happiness – Passion - Dream”.