Platforms Ladders For Jurong Aromatic Project in

Platforms Ladders For Jurong Aromatic Project in Singapore

    Jurong Aromatics Corporation (JAC) is currently Singapore’s largest greenfield aromatics facility, comprising a condensate splitter and aromatics complex, including associated facilities. It is located on a 58-hectare site on Jurong Island, Singapore.

    With so many refineries on the island, processing more than 1.3 million barrels of crude oil a day, it is hardly surprising that petrochemicals plants have also been sited there. The JAC project will use the Jurong rock cavern (JRC) to help meet its storage requirement. The JRC will provide 1.48 million cubic metres of underground oil storage space.

    The plant was originally planned for start-up in 2011, but was delayed due to the financial crisis, but it is now on-track with restructuring of the shareholders and improving market conditions.

    In August 2010, JAC awarded a contract for the construction of the aromatics plant to SK Engineering & Construction. KOVIS E&C awarded Platforms and Ladders for Towers, Reactors & Vessels from SK E&C. Quantity included 800 tons. Time for completing this project is half a year (from June 2012 to January 2013).