XRN Series - BlackPlus, xrn-series-blackplus

XRN Series - BlackPlus


up hinh anh


     Mechanism: Spring return

     Max flow rate: 105 L/h


    • Black anodizing Aluminium casing;
    • Technically advanced hydraulic diaphragm spring return pump;
    • Combines  the simplicity and economics  of the spring return with the advantages of the hydraulic diaphragm using an innovative mechanically actuated oil replenishing  system;
    • Built-in relief valve on the oil circuit to protect the pump against over pressure;
    • Can be used in both process and service applications;
    • Minimum maintenance required;
    • ATEX STD compliance (94/9/CE), group II category 2 (zone 1/21) and group II category 3 (zone 2/22).


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